Too many immigrant families face the challenges of domestic violence. At the Immigration Law Center at BCC, we’re deeply committed to assisting victims of domestic violence are given the tools and resources to obtain legal assistance.

Immigrant Rights and Resources as a Non-U.S. Citizen 

Immigrant victims of domestic violence have a set of legal rights in the U.S. akin to those of its citizens.

  • Reporting Crime: Immigrants can and should report domestic violence to the police. This is vital in ensuring one’s safety, seeking justice, and laying the groundwork for further legal action.
  • Seeking Protective Measures: Immigrant victims can approach courts to seek to restrain orders against their abusers. Such orders can help keep the perpetrators at bay, protecting the victims and their families from harm.
  • Initiating Family Law Proceedings: Just like U.S. citizens, immigrants can initiate legal separation or divorce proceedings. They can claim custody of children, seek spousal maintenance (alimony), and uphold their rights in marital disputes.

Immigration Benefits Tailored for Victims: The legal system recognizes the unique challenges faced by immigrant victims of domestic violence. As such, there are specialized immigration pathways to aid them:

  • U visa: This is reserved for victims of grave crimes, including domestic violence. Qualifying individuals must have endured significant physical or mental trauma and be willing to collaborate with law enforcement in the crime’s investigation or prosecution.
  • VAWA self-petition: The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) permits certain immigrant victims of domestic violence to independently petition for a change in their immigration status, potentially achieving lawful permanent residency in the U.S. without relying on their abuser.

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