Citizenship & Naturalization Lawyers

Whether applying for naturalization or citizenship, what oftentimes seems like a straightforward process is frequently laced with intricacies that must be attended to. Our BCC immigration team, experienced and adept at confronting each problem-spot, help clients achieve their dreams of becoming a U.S. citizen. We are well-versed in naturalization and citizenship matters confronting our clients.


  • Continuous Residence and Physical Presence Considerations
  • For Spouses of U.S. Citizens
  • Exceptions and Accommodations to the Requirements


  • By Derivation (by parents)
  • By Adoption

For additional information on Burke Costanza & Carberry’s immigration law services, please contact Alfredo Estrada.

Immigration in Northwest Indiana & Chicago

We have offices in both Merrillville and Valparaiso, and are available for client meetings in Chicago. But we also can assist you no matter where you live.